Today was principally about bananas.

Yesterday, the supermarket delivered fifteen bananas, which is an odd approximation to the eight ordered, itself an optimistic estimate of our future consumption. So something has to be done about this surplus of bananas.

The helpful man from the supermarket, who had this situation explained to him over the phone, suggested that we give the bananas away, but this would have been a conversation too bizarre for me to have with the neighbours, and so I resolved to bake with the excess.

I have a recipe book which claims to have “all the cake recipes you could ever need”, which does have five recipes that use bananas, which are helpfully in order of the ripeness of the bananas. Today, I started with banana bread, and my only disappointment is that the 350g of mashed banana required by the recipe was provided by three bananas, rather than the four expected by the recipe. Clearly, our fifteen bananas are large bananas.

The way in which the banana bread rose in the pan is pleasing to me.Image
Twelve bananas remain.


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