It fits!

Since June I have been knitting my fiancée’s wedding dress, and I’m now nearly one-third done with the border around the bottom of the skirt. My schedule is to finish that by the New Year and then get to work from the waist up.

This evening D decided that she wanted to try it on to check that it will fit – and it does!

This is a great encouragement to me to keep knitting, which has been a bit difficult recently. The border is beaded, which is taking an arsing long time to do. Each repeat of the border pattern uses fifty beads, and takes about an hour and a half – or two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve now completed twenty-seven repeats of the border, and I haven’t needed to look at the written instructions for the last week, but it is becoming slightly boring.

I did think that knitting the Meteorological Scarf at the same time would help ease the boredom, by having something different to do, but I’ve only done four days of that in the last fortnight, because these beaded borders have been taking so long to do.

It’s just as well that it looks amazing, and D is fabulous in it.

There are eight bananas remaining.


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