Clarks Village

Today we did something a bit unusual for us and drove for an hour to go to Clarks Village in Somerset, which is an outlet shopping centre. Truth be told the initial motivation for this journey was on learning that there were such places as Cadbury’s outlet shops, and that this was the location of our nearest such establishment. However we managed to rationalise this expedition to ourselves on the basis that we would be able to do most of our Christmas shopping in one go.

Christmas shopping is something that I find quite difficult. I really want to give family and friends gifts that they will appreciate, but I find it very hard to think of things that they would like that they do not already have, and I don’t want to waste everyone’s time and energy by buying something that isn’t wanted. A few years I have managed to sidestep these feelings of anxiety by doing something a little bit different.

There was the year that I bought everyone Oxfam gifts – these are where you give a donation to Oxfam and they buy a goat for a farmer in Africa, and you get to give a card to your sister with a goat on it. Another year I set up a webpage with options for truffles, cookies, etc, that I could make for people, and invited them to email their orders to a secret email address, and then I was at leisure to post out homemade chocolates to people throughout the following year. And I once simply bought a selection of liquers from the Lyme Bay Winery – though that year went a bit wrong when my packaging was not up to the task of protecting the bottles.

So it does not come as much surprise to me to find that I have come back from today’s expedition with no further presents for anyone in my family. This is okay. I was ready for it, and prepared to simply enjoy wandering around and looking at things. What I wasn’t expecting was that I would end up coming home with some stuff bought for myself!

I now have new clothes to wear on Christmas Day, and thereafter. A lovely purple jumper, when the wool is variegated so it is not just one solid colour, and a lightweight pair of trousers. I also now have expensive (if discounted) running shoes, which will hopefully protect my knees when I do some more running, and new running socks. And my share of Cadbury’s misshapen chocolates and mixed Rosies and Heroes.

We did manage to find some lovely tea mugs for D’s family, and she also bought some small things from the Body Shop to put in stockings. However, though we looked in many shops, we could not find D any tall boots in a woman’s UK size nine. Indeed, there was not a single item of woman’s footwear in such a size, with the largest size available being eight. D was not all that surprised by this, but it seems absurd to me.

Anyone know where you can buy shoes and boots in a UK woman’s size nine?


One thought on “Clarks Village

  1. Oo, I have just discovered your blog…cool!
    I was very excited to find Evans where all their shoes I think go up to size 9 – and they also have extra wide fittings if relevant, so I think I could get in some of their wide 8s anyway.
    Also Ecco shops usually have some, though that’s a bit more expensive – good quality shoes, but if the soles go, they will need mending by a specialist (not the key-cutters on the high street!) Hotter have some too, although again these are pricey.
    Evans is the cheapest option of these 🙂

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