Freezing Point

Last night was the first night of subzero temperatures this winter, as measured by the temperature sensor I have outside the front door.

It has been notably cold recently – which should show up as interesting shades of blue on my meteorological scarf. This is a scarf I am knitting which uses the two-colour brioche technique to record the daily rainfall on one side and the daily temperature on the other. I started on my birthday in late July, and will knit it for the year to my birthday next year, so that I have a scarf with the full annual cycle in temperature. My birthday is pretty close to the climatologically warmest day of the year so, weather permitting, the colours should be distributed fairly evenly around each end.

This month I have been very slow in knitting the temperatures and rainfall amounts of the previous month. I’ve only just done October 8th tonight and by the end of November I’ll have all the temperatures and rainfall amounts for November too. This is because the beading for the wedding dress is taking simply forever, but now that I am planning to let that take a bit longer I should have more time for knitting the scarf.

When I eventually reach the point of having to wait for more days weather to happen to carry on knitting I will take a photo and post it up.

This morning I finally finished the last banana (though I still have one tasty blondie left!)


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