Cake or Death 4: St Clements Meringue Pie vs Mutually Assured Destruction

It was another weekend, and thus another chance to choose between cake, or death!

This instalment of cake-related decision making happened some time ago, but I was so upset by my pie that I delayed writing about the experience.

The Cake


St Clements Meringue Pie, from Perfect Cooking by Marguerite Patten.

This isn’t the first time. My meringue pies have gone wrong before. The recipe states: “Stir over a gentle heat until thickened.” Either I’m not patient enough, my heat is too gentle, or my cornflour is defective because it never thickens. This then means it is fiendishly difficult to plonk the meringue on top, because it just wants to sink into the runny fluid underneath. This time, worse was to come.

Clumsily, I managed to spill much of the runny liquid onto the floor as I was placing the pie into the oven. I spent ages over that runny liquid! It just went over the floor!

It was still tasty. And the pastry in this recipe is fantastic. But, the disappointment. The regrets. I have unfinished business here.

The Death

Mutually Assured Destruction

Lots of nuclear weapons. Everyone dies. Except they don’t – surely nobody would be that mad! Oh, well, all sorts of people have nukes now, and some of them are definitely mad. And possibly not many nukes would be enough to finish us off, because of the dust, leading to a nuclear winter. The scientists said so.

Did I mention that the scientists are evil. Evil! Alok Jha really seems to not like scientists. He says:

Once the principle of this devastating bomb had been demonstrated, however, it was only a matter of time before scientists around the world would want to come up with their own versions.

Uh-huh. So, nuclear proliferation is entirely the fault of scientists wanting to play with their nuclear physics toys, and nothing whatsoever to do with power games by dictators, military leaders and politicians with a liberal arts education.

Cake or Death – what is your* choice?

* I think I’m leaning to Death this time, because I’m a scientist and I’m evil! Also, the pie was so disappointing…


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